Would you be interested in writing an article for the Nonreligion and Secularity blog? We welcome article proposals from academics researching nonreligion and secularism, from professionals working in areas related to these topics, and from other individuals with a keen interest in the scholarly study of this field. Detailed below are the guidelines and criteria for submissions.

Guidelines for Submission

We are happy to give unsolicited submissions our full consideration.  However, we cannot guarantee that they will be accepted for publication. We therefore recommend you submit an proposal, outlining your ideas, rather than writing a finalised article which may not be accepted.

Submitting a proposal

Please read through the guidelines on this page to ensure your proposed article meets with the following criteria.

Then send an email outlining your idea in 300 words to deputy editors Katie Sissons and Yutaka Osakabe.


This outline may take the form of written prose or a list of main points for consideration. Please include your full name and (if applicable) your current institutional affiliation or professional role.

Criteria for Articles

Completed blog articles should:

  • Be between 800 and 1000 words in length
  • Be on a topic relevant to the field of nonreligion and secularity research
  • Include full references to any cited literature, including in-text citations as well as bibliography (Harvard referencing style preferred)
  • Be sent as an email attachment in Word format, or similar, to deputy editor

Additionally the content of the article should fall broadly within the remit of one of the following blog categories:

Media response: Articles discussing events and issues reported in the media relating to the field of nonreligion and secularity.
Event report: Report or description of a recently attended conference, workshop or other event related to nonreligion and secularity research.
Publication review: A review of a book or journal article related to the field of nonreligion and secularity.
Research related posts:  An article summarising research; or discussing methods and resources used by researchers; or reflecting on the experiences of conducing research
Discussions: Responses to previously published blog articles.

Review Process

In order to ensure we publish high quality articles, of interest to our readers, articles will be subject to an editorial process.   Articles may ge returned to the author with suggestions for correction or improvement, prior to publication.

  • Upon receipt of a completed blog article it will be passed to one of our panel of review editors for consideration
  • Once the editor has completed their review the article will be returned to the author with editorial comments and any suggested alterations or corrections
  • The author should check through and approve of any changes which have been made and address any issues or questions raised by the review editor, before returning the article to the blog editor
  • Assuming that any editorial concerns or suggestions have been addressed the article will then be passed to the blog’s executive editors for final approval prior to publication (this may involve a second return to the author for some minor corrections)
  • Articles which have been approved for publication may take some weeks to appear on the blog. Authors will be notified when their article is published

Please note: Approval of a proposal does not constitute a guarantee that the final article will be accepted for publication. The editorial team reserves the right to reject any proposals or final submissions it does not consider suitable for inclusion on Nonreligion and Secularity.

The purpose of this blog is the publication of articles related to the academic study of nonreligion and secularism; we therefore do not accept submissions of articles written with the exclusive aim of promoting or advocating a religious, nonreligious or secularist stance. Similarly comments posted in response to blog posts which appear to advocate a particular religious or nonreligious stance, or contain links to websites promoting such views, will not be approved for publication.