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Atheism and Stigma

Siân Eleri Jones discusses the role of stigma, particularly self-stigma, in expressions of nonreligious self-identity.   It has long been recognised that historically atheists were stigmatised and ostracised from the socially accepted and seemingly encompassing religionist norm. Although blasphemy laws in the … Continue reading

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‘Atheist Churches’ Aren’t New

The formation of the Sunday Assembly in London, and its offshoots in other parts of the world, have attracted the attention of the media; however, such types of nonreligious gathering are not entirely new. Nathan Alexander provides an overview of … Continue reading

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Launch Series: What Do We Do When We ‘Do Life’? Studying Relations Between Religious and Non-religious Cultures

The relationship between ‘religion’ and ‘nonreligion’ is often commonly assumed to be one of division or separation. In today’s blog post Anna Strhan discusses how ideas about celebrating ‘life’ and ‘reason’ among both religious and nonreligious communities also highlights lines … Continue reading

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The Sunday Assembly

In our second blog post Katie Aston discusses her experience of attending the Sunday Assembly in London, and reflects on the broader issues of nonreligious community, ritual action and meaning. In February and March 2013 I attended the Sunday Assembly … Continue reading

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